Support for our Life Support Systems

Support for our Life Support Systems

We are very excited to confirm that Reef HQ Aquarium has received $2.6 million as part of the Government’s Relief and Recovery Fund to assist Great Barrier Reef tourism and the North Queensland regional economy. This is in addition to the funding received in December 2019.

This new investment is for an upgrade and maintenance to the life support systems throughout the Aquarium that control the environments within the live exhibits and are crucial to the health and care of our animals. Systems that will be upgraded include those that assist with maintaining temperature, salinity, filtration and water quality. It will also provide energy security through back up power supply.

This is a welcome investment in the North Queensland economy, tourism and educational services, providing immediate opportunities for the region.

The original funding, of $26.9 million over four years was for an upgrade to the infrastructure at our 32 year old Aquarium, which included many of Reef HQ’s facilities, as well as the Turtle Hospital, predator tank and coral reef exhibit, the world’s largest living coral reef aquarium.

Reef HQ Aquarium had a planned closure from February 2021 for up to 12 months to carry out the original works and anticipate the works associated with the additional funding can be completed at the same time.

During the closure our precious animals and their life support systems will be maintained. Staff will be focused on maintaining education outreach through digital channels, planning for a grand re-opening and maintaining the animals and system during this time.

Further information and updates will be available via our website and social media channels.

To view the Minister’s media release, please click here

*Story first published in May 2022

Page published on: 20 June 2023

Page last updated on: 25 July 2023