2021 Project update – July to September

Coral Reef Exhibit (CRE) Census

In 2021, an analysis of the health of the Coral Reef Exhibit (CRE), a two million litre saltwater exhibit, was undertaken to ascertain a baseline before construction activities.

The analysis took the form of a transect survey that quantified the composition of hard coral, soft coral, algae and other components found in the CRE. The project involved 5 transects, 100 photos, 850 data points and 1,600 metres of swimming.

The survey results will assist to inform strategies to maintain the health of the corals during the works as well as to improve system condition and efficacy. Some of the photos taken as part of the survey can be seen below. 

Page published on: 20 June 2023

Page last updated on: 11 August 2023